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Nose Lifter for a Pointy Nose Without Undergoing Surgery

Asia noses are very different compared to Western's or any other people in the world. It makes us unique and gives us this interesting features that other people love so much. But nowadays, there are a lot of Asians who are undergoing rhinoplasty surgery to change their noses and other part of their body to achieve a look that is not "asian" anymore.

In the past, I also became interested in undergoing surgical operation to have that pointy nose that I have been dreaming of and also featured some non-surgical procedures like nose hiko and nose fillers that will lift up the bridge of your nose that will only last for a period of time.

This time, I kept on seeing these advertisements online about nose lifter. It is just a small piece of plastic that you will insert in your nose so it will become somehow pointy.
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I have been seeing a lot of noselifters reviews and before and after photos of the customers but I think this is only applicable for big noses with visible nose-bridge as it only enhances the tip of your nose but not the bridge.

But as of right now, I cannot tell you honestly if this is going to be effective since I have not used it yet. If I can see it in Divisoria maybe I will give it a try but you can also buy it online for like around 800 pesos.

Have you used Nose Lifters already? How was it? Is it really effective?
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