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Internet is Surprisingly Faster now in My Place in Zambales

Hello you guys! I am quite surprised that I can still update all of my blogs now that I am in the province. I am currently located in Cabangan, Zambales where I grew up til I stayed in Manila for College. So before I talk about some nonsense stuff, I want to greet all of you a happy holiday! Wishing you all nothing but the best! :)

So right now, I am connected to my Globe prepaid SUPERSURF50 and I have 3 devices connected to my mobile hotspot; 2 smartphones (one downloading stuff online and one connected to Skype for some overseas chitchats), and finally my laptop to update all of my blogs so I can still earn some dollars even on a holiday season. Isn't it great?

Although SUPERSURF50 is not really unlimited as they advertised on TV, I still appreciate that the data signal here in the province is better compared the previous years where I cannot update all of my social networking sites even Facebook and Twitter for some daily updates. You cannot describe how happy I am seeing my HSDPA signal for my mobile data.

Again, Happy Holidays everyone! This is just a very quick update to let you know where I am now and of course to maintain my blogging stats. See you guys soon! 
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