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Happy Mobile: Another Smartphone Brand That We are Totally Going To Follow

If you will notice, I have been featuring a lot of smartphone brands on my supposed to be personal blog that turned out to be a blog of randomness and forgive me because right now, I am still in the middle of looking for that "calling" on which topic to focus on and what kind of writing style I will use. 
happy mobile, philippines, smartphones

I am talking about Happy Mobile. A brand new brand in the Philippines that offer amazing smartphones with specs and design that is different compared to other "pinoy branded phones".

I had the chance to navigate one of their smartphones (I am sorry but I forget which specific brand), and at first glance, I thought that it was an iPhone because of the design and the thin, white color. All in all, it was great and if you will ask me if I am going to buy if I had the chance, answer is definitely yes!

Expect more updates about the latest devices from Happy Mobile here on my random blog. Also, one of the new brands that I have been following is Oppo Mobile. Read on for more entries. Happy Holidays, everyone!
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