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Google Chrome Error: You are using an unsupported command-line flag

I just noticed this error that always pops up whenever I open my Google Chrome browser is says: You are using an unsupported command-line flag: ---extensions-on-chrome-urls. Stability and security will suffer. This is really alarming because I use this laptop not just for personal use but also for my online errands that involve money and other important transactions so I did some research about the said error and according to a forum site, it has something to do with some third-party extensions that I have installed on my browser that is affecting the entire file of GC.

Technically, the software that I am using now for my browser is kind of affected or should I say corrupted. To resolve this error message and to ensure that my browser is going to be stable and secured again, all I have to do is to uninstall Google Chrome and re-download and re-install the same program.

Once it is resolved, it is very important not to give access to any third-party software or extensions in your browser.

I am going to try this solution and will update you if this will work or not. See you in a bit folks!
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