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My Very Own Review About the Movie Feng Shui 2

So I just got home from SM Olongapo City to watch Feng Shui 2 and one other MMFF movie that I will also give my verdict some other time. This is actually the first time I have watched an MMLF film because honestly speaking, most of the movies being shown there were not actually good. Gone are those days where filmmakers come up with great plots and twists that are interesting enough to watch.
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So let us start with the review. I expected a lot from this movie because the first installment ten years ago was very scary (or maybe I was too young back then). I remember being scared with Lotus Feet my entire childhood days and I think until now. 

If you are looking for a pretty good scare, then Feng Shui 2 can be added on your watch list. The sound effect added that thrilling effect, visual effects are great (compared to other pinoy scary films rip off) and the plot is also good. Gives everyone an idea the history of Lotus Feet and the bagua itself. Characters are likable and I cannot help myself not to think of Final Destination the way the characters die in the film.

Feng Shui 2 FAQ:
Is it scary-scary?
There is a certain level of scare factor. Maybe for beginners or people not really exposed to horror films, this movie is definitely scary because of the disturbing scenes but if you have already watched SAW, FINAL DESTINATION and Asian Horror Films, then Feng Shui is just "OKAY".

Is it worth the penny?
Definitely yes. I am a fan of watching horror films and I can say that this is a decent one. So go watch it on the big screen.

Are you going to watch it again?
Same as the first installment, probably not.

The movie has boring or dead parts but they are fine. Not really affecting the totality of the film but I think the latter part was a turn off because they tried so hard to insert some scenes that will result to a third part which is not really necessary and I am not sure if I will watch it if there really is.


So how about you? What can you say about Feng Shui 2? Did you like it? Share us your very own movie review on the text box down below.
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