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Dreamcatcher's 2014 Top 10 Blog Entries

I cannot believe that 2014 is almost over and of course, I am very excited to start 2015 because I just moved into a new place and by mid-January, I am going to start a new job in a new company. How exciting is that? And the fact that I have moved into one of the best cities in the metro; Taguig.

Before we say goodbye to 2014, let us backtrack the top posts of this blog, Dreamcatcher also known as, DeejSpeaks back in my college days.

A blog entry I have written three years ago sharing my personal experience in closing my teeth gap on my front teeth using a rubber band aka orthobands. I am frugal so I did not use the real orthobands, rather used something similar that is cheaper and has the same end result which is closing those gaps on my front teeth. Indeed a must-read!

A blog post I have written after tasting Tanduay Ice for the first time. This is the only drink with alcohol content that I can drink without feeling bloated or nauseous. The best drink for me so far but again, never underestimate this drink. It kicks so hard!

I cannot believe that even a character in a thai scary film can attract tons of visitors all year round. Shomba is from the movie, Coming Soon. One of the best horror story that I can recommend with you, guys. The entry was written in 2010. Oldies but goodies.

Supposed to be an SEO post about braces in the Philippines but ended up as a blessing in disguised as it attracted thousands of readers and revenue to my beloved dentist and because of this, my dentist decided to sponsor my teeth braces and never asked any payments from me. Such an amazing experience seeing the fruit of your labor as a blogger with only few SEO knowledge.

It seems that there are still a lot of filipinos who are dreaming of becoming a model. I have seen this topic in Jesicca Soho and decided to give it a try. Well, it ended up pretty good. Until now, a lot of androgynous guys are asking me if I know some modelling agency here in the Philippines that can help them start their modeling career. 

Who can say no to these funny pickup compilations I have written just for fun? I love sending these to my loved ones and who would have thought that it can also boost up my blog's traffic all year round? Maybe I should write more of this soon!

Just my personal entry and a sponsored blog post for a granola bar I have written somewhere in 2011. This is an example that even a sponsored entry with a paid link can actually one of your most-read articles. This is by means of making everything real and organic by making up an original and quality content. Own photo is recommended but not really required.

Just a random review of one of the beach resorts I have visited here in Zambales. Turned out to be a good investment since the owner of the resort gave us a huge discount whenever we stay there. Another blessing in disguised.

I love cheap stuff so whenever I stumble on something that is cheap or affordable, expect me to write a blog about it. Just like this haven for shoe lovers that offers cheap "class A" shoes. Definitely a must-read!

Another random post about beanies. This post will never get old because I am still seeing people wearing beanies even on a summer. How cool is that? Or not. lol!

So there you go, the top 10 blog entries I have in my personal (random) blog. Now that I have been featuring some smartphones here and I think my interest is more inclined to technology now, let us see if this will boost up my traffic more than the previous years.

I am still experimenting about my writing and blogging style so please bear with me. I am not yet sure if I can write about my personal life or stick with featuring other more interesting stuff like smartphones and other gadgets plus men's fashion. I have also started my fashion and grooming blog for men and if you want to learn some tips about fashion and looking good all the time, then you must visit it now!
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