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Cheap Dr. Martens Shoes from MuraDito in Divisoria

Looking for a Class A Dr. Martens shoes around Metro Manila? Worry no more because I have discovered this amazing store in Divisoria (999 Mall) that sell affordable to cheap clothing apparels for men and women.
cheap dr martens shoes
If you are not looking for one, then back off because I don't like reading hate comments about the cheap stuff I have been featuring in my blog. 

I have visited the official store of Dr. Martens and noticed that each pair of their shoes is ranging from $100 to $115 so in Philippine Peso, that is going to be around 5,150 pesos as of today where $1 is equivalent to 44.79PHP.

I have a lot of friends buying the original one and treating it as an asset or investment because the quality os 100% guaranteed; Lifetime shoe companion as they say. But for us, frugal people, spending $100 for a shoe might now be worth it sometimes.

Going back to the topic, I went to Divisoria yesterday to buy some outfit for our Christmas Party themed Coachella, and noticed this store that is different with others I don't know but there is really something different. It could be the lighting or the items they sell. From here, you can see clothes for men and women that can be compared to Forever21 (I am talking about the style). They also have pairs of Dr Martens shoes for only 2,000 to 2,500 pesos; half of the original price!

I cannot tell you the specific location because I don't really go to Tutuban more often but you can visit their Facebook page here.

So what do you think of these cheap Dr. Martens shoes from Divisoria? Do you think they are worth the penny or would you prefer investing to the original one?
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