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Bypass 800MB Data Limit of Globe SUPERSURF200

It has been two weeks since I registered to one of Globe's prepaid promos, SUPERSURF200 with 5 days of unlimited internet access. I don't have a problem with the connection speed because I am not a heavy user; as long as I can open my email, update my blog from time to time and check my other social networking sites like WeChat, Instagram etc, 

The problem that I have with this prepaid promo is this thing they called Fair Usage Policy or FUP. This is for people who use internet too much or having excessive internet activities like downloading multiple files at the same time. As a solution for this, Globe gave data limit to everyone including postpaid users and in my case, 800 MB for one day and after 12 midnight, my data access will be back to normal again.

I mean this is quite unfair because they are advertising unlimited internet access so it is the user's discretion on how to use that unlimited data. Don't you agree with me?

So my question is, is there any way for us to bypass this 800MB limit of Globe's internet promo? Like a trick that we can use so FUP won't take any effect on our internet access?

I have read an instruction in the past but I am hesitant about it because I don't like downloading unknown files to my computer because I want everything to be secured. It might work but my computer files might be exposed to something dangerous, if you know what I mean. Or would it be safer to find a new internet service provider? PLDT is awesome but they have a huge problem with their billing system though. What should I do now? I need to finish tons of work but I am consuming 600 MB already! 
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