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Virtual Assistant for Beginners/ Newbies in the Philippines

I am currently looking for some job online for a Virtual Assistant post since I am quitting my full-time job for two-years now. And it's been my long time dream to work at home just like my ex-blogger friends who enjoys working in the comfort of their home. My goal was to reach 25 before I settle for an online job but because of some personal issues, I decided to resign in the meantime and not sure if I am going back to work in a regular basis or will try my luck in the virtual world.

The problem is I don't have enough knowledge about it but I think my edge is that I am a graduate of Information Technology so at least I have a background with computers.

I am not sure if there is a company out there willing to train someone from the very first thing that is needed in order to be an effective Virtual Assistant but I have high hopes for this. I am going to start sending in my resumes and if it won't work before January 2015 ends, I think I will go back to the corporate industry where I need to interact with the bosses and commute every single day.

So let us see. I will update you guys about it soon!
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