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Undecided and Change of Hearts

Hello amazing people! I have been living in a scheduled lifestyle now and all of my posts were pre-written days before they got published. I know it helpful for me with a very busy schedule now that I am catching up at work since I am going to resign by first week of December. And yes, I am so excited thinking about the holidays that I am gonna spent with my loved ones and those planned out of towns especially in Baguio City after New Year. Two years of not celebrating those holidays made me want to cry; I have wasted so much precious moments. Double and premium pays at work cannot justify those moments I should have spent with my Family. 

I just want to inform you that I have opened another blog and also bought another domain (deduct $10.99 to my hard-earned savings). I am updating it everyday so hopefully, it can be used for monetization purposes in the future.

FOX MY STYLE. That is the newest blog I am currently updating almost everyday! It is about Men's Fashion and some Interior Designs I find dazzling.

I have lots of OOTD photos in my phone but I think I have a change of hearts in my blogging style. I am not that comfortable in sharing my own photos here, I don't know why. I think it would be better to post some random photos in my blog post like this one for example. Well, let us see. 

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