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Things to Buy for Guys This Yuletide Season

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Yuletide season is approaching so fast and I am getting more and more excited since I decided to quit my day job for two years to spend some quality time with my family. Yes I am thrilled about everything in it but I am not sure if I am ready for this season because I find it really hard to buy some presents for my friends and other relatives. I prefer them giving me some of their wishlist so I can be 100% sure that they are going to like what I am gonna buy for them.

Speaking of a wishlist, according to my girl friend, it is very hard to buy stuff for guys even though they have a list to follow. Well, I am not sure about that. Maybe girls really do over-think things. lol!

So ladies, worry no more because I am gonna tell you some things you can buy for your boyfriends or some special guys in your life.

Perfumes. You will never go wrong with these amazing and powerful gift idea because it is something essential for guys and this will be like their scent when they go to places. Yves Saint Laurent has the best collection of fragrances for HIM. The bottles are also perfectly designed and definitely for keeps!

Books. If your guy is a bookworm like me, this is very simple. Just ask what kind of genre he is reading or his favorite author then buy it. I am sure they are going to like it!

Shoes. Kind of expensive but worth every penny, I am sure of that! Guys love wearing cool shoes! There are hundred of types of shoes but I am pretty sure you know what kind of shoes is he wearing; whether it is a loafer type, boots, espadrilles, boat etc... But for a sporty guy or if he goes to gym regularly, one of these Nike shoes is the best gift you can give them this yuletide season!

Belts. This is one of the simplest but also essential. Perfect for fashionistos out there who love wearing unique set of clothing and taking outfit of the day. I found these amazing collection of belts for guys in Zalora that you can choose from. 

I think I am kind of biased here because most of the things that I mentioned here are in my wishlist but to think of it, it all makes sense. Guys are not really picky when it comes to presents. What's important is, you made the effort to buy something just for them. It is not about the brand or price; it's about the effort you make. 
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