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OOTD Guide for Guys and Some Amazing Items I Found Online

ootd guide,
Taking outfit of the day or what we always call in out hashtags, #OOTD is very common for younger generations nowadays especially those who are inclined to fashion. As a blogger who also feature some of the outfits I wear at work or even outside, with friends at the mall. It is a must to have stunning images but most importantly, great outfits that are appropriate to the season.

For example, here in the Philippines we are experiencing some cold nights and a not-so-hot weather during daytime which is perfect for photo shoots because there is available sunlight that will help us in achieving perfect images even without editing the photos.

But before we head to the photo shoot, it is important to wear our best attire. In this entry, I found some amazing clothes for guys online that we can use to purchase affordable outfits from head to toe. 

I have chosen some of their best items from different kinds of popular brands like Bensimon, Lacoste, River Island, Sperry Top-Sider and more! Name it from brands A-Z and they have it just for you! These are the outfits I would wear for weather like this we are experiencing in the Philippines (semi winter season).
ootd, guys fashion, casual
1. Aztec Print Singlet from 24:01 (14.90 SGD)
2. Bomber Jacket with Badges from 24:01 (49.90 SGD)
3. Suede Contrast Sole Lace Up Shoes from NEW LOOK (70.00 SGD)
4. Black Sid Skinny Stretch Jeans from River Island (69.90 SGD)
5. Winston Brogue Tonal Blues Watch from KOMONO (149.50 SGD)

This set of clothes is perfect for a place that has a crazy weather like here in the Philippines. You can use the Aztex Print Singlet (1) outside or if you want to proceed inside the mall, then you can top it off with the bomber jacket (2). Amazing right?

I really like this collection from different brands that I found in just one website so it is really convenient to shop/ haul. It is like one-stop-shop for people who love shopping virtually! 

So if you are interested, you can visit iPrice Shop Singapore. If you are not a tech savvy, do not worry because the website is very easy to navigate. Once you found the item that you want to purchase, you can just click it, view the details and proceed with the checkout. I can also assure you that all payment information will be safe in their system.

Now that we already have an outfit, we can now go out and strike a killer pose! Do not forget to smile or do cool posing like brushing your hair, looking on your side, checking something out but most importantly, show them your personality in every photo! Follow these guide and you will do good.
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