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Now Using Globe Supersurf 200, 5 Days Unlimited Internet. Waiting for FUP.

I am very sorry for not updating this blog and my fashion blog for men because my internet service provider, PLDT is acting up! It has been three days now when I noticed that I am connected to my WIFI but cannot access the internet and when I try to call PLDT customer service, they keep on saying that they are working on it and they are going to fix it as soon as they can. Next time I will call, I will be an irate customer and will definitely get the full name and agent ID of the person who will be assisting me. Too bad for whoever you are. 

So now, I am temporarily using my Globe LTE sim card that is registered to SUPERSURF200 with 5 days of unlimited internet service. I am still monitoring it and as much as possible, I am not limiting my data usage so I can check if Fair Usage Policy or FUP will apply to this one.

I am also sharing my internet connection via mobile hotspot and that is the reason why I can access my blog now. Will be blog hopping later today and maybe tomorrow after work.

This is just a quick update because I only have two hours to check my emails, write scheduled posts for my fashion blog and do some online errands for today. Leave your comments if you have time so I can visit you back!

So what do you think of this SUPERSURF200? Did you ever experience having a fair usage policy on this prepaid promo? Feel free to share your thoughts.
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