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Memory Full in a BLOGGER Enabled Blog?

While writing an article for next blogpost, I noticed that I was posting too much entries with many photos on it, uploaded directly from my computer and I am afraid this might consume too much memory from the database of BLOGGER or BLOGSPOT since I don't owe any of my blog. In short, I am just your typical free hoarder when it comes to blog hosting although I have my own domain which is cheaper.

As of this writing, this blog has 547 entries already since 2010 and I can say that 80% of the articles have photos on it since I am not really a fan of posting a blog entry without a photo;I don't find it attracting.

In the past, I used to upload my photos on FLICKR and just post the URL or image source in my entry as an HTML code but now, they said that they don't offer that feature anymore through their sharing section. Instead of posting the image URL alone, you can still share it but it must be the entire album that will direct your readers to your Flickr account. So sad!

So my question is, is there such a thing as memory full in a BLOGSPOT account where you cannot post any photos unless you delete some old ones? I am getting worried about it. They might force me to host my own blogs if I post too much photos that is impacting their database.

So what do you think?
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