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I Have Reached SUPERSURF200 Capping or Fair Usage Policy (FUP)

SUPERSURF200 is one of the amazing internet promo of Globe wherein you will be registered to a 5-days unlimited internet access. You can do it by texting SUPERSURF200 then send to 8888. Today is my 4th day already and I am doing everything that I could to maximize my unlimited internet.

In my previous post, I asked if there is a data capping or Fair Usage Policy included in this specific promo and the answer is; Yes there is a data limit for 800 MB daily!

Technically, what happened was I have reached my 800 MB limit during the afternoon so Globe texted me and said:
GLOBE Advisory:Your data subscription for today has reached 800mb. Your remaining browsing hours will resume tomorrow subject to promo validity. You may opt to forfeit your remaining subscription to browse for P5/15 or you may dial *143# for FREE and press “CALL” to register to any surfing promo. To unsubscribe text SUPERSURF STOP or POWERSURF STOP to 8888.Guided by Globe Acceptable Use Policy. -8888
After I received the text, I noticed that my internet became ultra slower I cannot even open this blog using my phone's hotspot. I know Globe's internet is slow but it became 10x slower. Good thing is that after 2 midnight, my internet connection came back to what's normal.

Right now, since my PLDT connection is still not working, I am thinking of registering to SUPERSURF999 for an unlimited internet for 1 month or maybe I will try Smart maybe it is faster.

Can you share your experiences about this data capping or Fair Usage Policy of Globe and all other telecomms?
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