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OOTD: World Balance's Neo Jack for Rainy Days!

I hate this crazy weather we are having in the Philippines lately. It reminds me of the clock arena in the book Catching Fire where the setting of the location they are in changes accordingly. Same here in Manila though: Like it is sunny and hot during daytime but after 12 noon, things begin to change, dark clouds form then heavy rain falls, 6 pm flood until 8 or 9pm then everything will be back to normal. Crazy huh!
ootd, neo jack, world balance, shoes
Today, I am going to feature something that could help all of you guys during typhoon days like we're having now.

Flood is something that's expected when it rains especially in the Metro and us, Filipinos are used to face it just to get home. I tried it once where I have to walk barefoot in flood higher than my leg! Crazy days!

Mud comes next after the flood and wearing your favorite pair of shoe is not a good idea. Good thing is I found this shoes from World Balance called Neo Jack for only 380 pesos!
ootd, neo jack, world balance, shoes
Rubberized and very light; perfect for rainy days because it's okay form them to get wet and dirty as they are very easy to clean and dry. Oh I love how they rhyme!
ootd, neo jack, world balance, shoes, friends,selfie, group
Neo Jack by World Balance is fashionable too! You can wear it even if it is not raining!
Aside from that, I can say that it is really fashionable! I mean it looks like sneakers so it's not like you are wearing something awful just to save your favorite pair of shoe. What I am saying is you can still look hip and cool during rainy days without avoiding it. Playing in the rain can sometimes be fun, right?

I bought my World Balance: Neo Jack at Isetann Mall for only 380 pesos!

Photographers: Iona Laila and Michael Gagarin
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