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The Happy List Vol. 3

Hey, happy kids! It's been a while since I last posted my happy list blog series and it feels great writing an entry for this. It means that good things are coming my way that I can't myself not to write them down. Some are small and some are big happenings that can really change my life in an instant.
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  1. Getting lots of emails for blog collaboration and the feeling is so overwhelming!
  2. Finally, I am going to have that vacation of my life since I will resign this November for me to spend quality time with my family in the province.
  3. The mere fact that I don't have to work during my birthday, Christmas and New Year is such an awesome thing that will happen to me after two years of working my ass off. 
  4. The holiday I have been craving for. 
  5. Leaving my day job is the saddest thing that will happen in my life this 2014 but I am also excited for what's to come by 2015. #GoodRiddance
  6. Making peace with enemies at the workplace is very nice and being reunited with long time friends. 
  7. Munching some belgian goodies!
  8. SlakkenGel Gel D'escargot is making my face look good. Vanity strikes as my mom gave me this facial gel that works like a moisturizer that is made up of snail serum. Gross but it makes my face pores smaller. I like it!
  9. The thought of finishing my 30-days render at work and going directly to different places with mom and little sister. Oh, I miss them so so much!
  10. Blogspot's scheduled post feature is the bomb! I can party all weekend and go to gym after work without thinking of what to write because my articles are already scheduled to be posted on a specific day! My alexa ranking is also getting better!!!
  11. New series of ANTM and American Horror Story: Freak Show is what make my week complete!
  12. DECEMBER is DEEJEMBER!. I don't hate November but please, hurry up!
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