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Sando with Fox Print for only Php100

Blogger's block is kicking in again and just like last week, I have been staring at my laptop's screen since I woke up but cannot find any topic to blog about. Geez, I need to have a life! After browsing some photos from yesterday on my phone, I found these photos that are supposed to be for my OOTD entries but since I was too haggard in all of the photos, I decided to crop my head off. lol!
sando, ootd, fox print
Bought this cool sando with fox prints for only 100 pesos at Metropoint mall in EDSA.
It was too hot then, and I was wearing a corporate attire from the office; typical long sleeves, slim fit black pants with black leather shoes- they were killing me that time!
Then decided to roam around the mall to find something to wear before I go home. Found this small store at the ground floor in front of KFC that sells cheap clothes. I know they are cheap because it is not branded but the hell I care. All I want is something to replace my corporate-killer outfit.
sando fox print
Take a closer look!

I love foxes ever since so this is something I will put in my "great finds" closet along with the shirt I always wear from American Boulevard

P.S Can't wait to go thrift shopping with my Mom this October. 

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