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Rhinoplasty @ 25: Nosejob Made Cheaper, Thanks to Discount Coupons!

Just a random topic since I am having this obsession with the idea of having my nose done soon after seeing some of my friends had their noses done already. But thinking about what other people think and my work that I can't ever leave (boy gotta eat) is somewhat killing that urge! Well, what people think is bearable but what I don't have is TIME. Recovering from a rhinoplasty operation might take a month depending on the body's capacity to heal 100% and I cannot afford to be in MIA at work or else hello HOBO Lifestyle for a motnh or two after the surgery. lol!
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In reality, the cost of undergoing a rhinoplasty surgery is approximately 50,000 to 70,000 pesos with alar trimming and some other combinations but then again, the cost is depending on the rate of the Doctor who will do your nose. Go to the prestigious hospital/ clinic in the metro and it will cost you a living.
Practically speaking, most people would tell you some crap about loving what god gives you or be contented with what you have but that won't ever work for me. We are talking about self-confidence here that will definitely affect that way I live for the rest of my life. I believe that if you do not like something, then you have to change it or else, you won't be happy. Sometimes, acceptance do not work.

I also considered in having HIKO nose procedure since it is not bloody unlike rhinoplasty and someone offered me 50% of their service in return for a blog collaboration but I declined because it's not really a win-win situation for me. If they offered it for free, I could have accepted it. ;)

And to think that they will be using my photos and documenting the procedure for their clinic is kind of unfair so it would be better if I will pay for everything. 

As a yuppie living a normal life in Manila, earning enough for myself and save a bit money for the future,50k or 70k is almost impossible but achievable, it is just a matter of self-discipline in handling money.

Rhinoplasty @ 25. Let us say this is one of my goals when I reach the age of 25 and it will definitely affect my entire life because at the age of 25, I am planning to have my own car or own condo (not possible because mom dislikes condo living) or have my EuroTrip or have my nose done.

See my plans 2 years from now? It involves money but my savings are limited and I can only do one of those things! ONLY ONE!

I will turn 23 this December so my timer is running so fast! I need to save more  and spend less. But I know I can do it.

Anyway, as I was browning online, I saw these websites that offer discount coupons applicable for nosejob or rhinoplasty procedures in Manila. So from 70,000 worth of nosejob surgery, they give it for only 15,000 to 16,000! Crazy mad!!! After seeing those coupons today, it makes me want to buy it and have my nose done by tomorrow. BUT I DON'T HAVE TIME!!! :(

I saw the promo code in Beeconomic and Ensogo and I hope that they still offer coupon codes 2 years from today so I can fulfill two things in my bucket list when I reach 25.

I also did some research about the clinics and Doctors who will do your nose if ever you get the discount coupon code and I can say that they are very good! They were present in different forum sites and getting commendations from their previous patients. So we are not talking about Doctor-Practitioners here.

So let's wait and see. I might get it earlier but no one knows. I will update you guys! 

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