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Peace of Mind

I still cannot move on about the thoughts of me leaving my first ever job. The firm that actually accepted me first when everything seems not to notice what I am capable of. And of course, the people behind it. They are just so amazing I can't describe in thousand flowery words. Somehow, they made me as who I am right now.
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I also feel sorry for those who got too attached to me (and so do I), I hate the feeling of leaving somebody as much as being left behind. 

I am not sure if I am doing the right thing. As much as I want to focus with my career, I can't help not to think what is on the table right at this very moment... My family.

I am not sure when will be the next time they can visit back the Philippines from Leuven, Belgium since my mom will graduate this February or March and will find a job suitable for her soon and if that happens, her life will be busy as ever and being committed at work is not a good thing if you have someone waiting for you miles and miles away. It could be another year from 2015, two years or more than that.

Right now, every second counts and I cannot waste it at work earning money for myself. I cannot stay here in the city while they are reunited in the province. I just can't.

I am not sure if this is some sort of bravery; choosing family over career, when I am almost there. Promotions, exposure and most of all, great colleagues. But one thing is for sure, I did the right thing. No regrets. 

And I have peace of mind now. Made peace with some people I had conflicts with in the past. Making things right. I have 30-calendar days to work and by December, I am free. 

This is the first time in two years I got too excited thinking about my birthday, Christmas and New Year with my family. Cheers to out of towns! Yes, I will be jobless soon, broke maybe but extremely happy.

And this is also the first time in my life I got scared like this because this time, I do not have any plans, not even an option. But now, I will wait for 30 days and will worry what to do with my life after they go bak to Belgium.
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