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LG L Fino mobile phone review, specs, price and key features with video!

If you are looking for a smartphone with high-quality from one of the cellphone brands that has a good reputation, maybe this phone that I am going to feature is what you are looking for. Upon reading some reviews about this device, I can say that it is indeed a good-buy for a smartphone that is less than 8,000 pesos!
LG L fino phone,

LG Electronics announced on their official FB page that they are going to launch their latest creation; The LG L FINO over the weekend for an exact price of 7990 pesos here in the Philippines.

It is powered by an Android Kitkat with 1.3GHz Quad core processor so expect that it loads really fast. Lagging? That I am not sure though. As for the screen, it has 4.5- inch display. Great deal for only 7990 pesos smartphone.

So, according to the product video launched by LG Electronics, here are the key features of the said mobile device:
  • Gesture Shot
  • Touch and Shoot
  • 8- Megapixel Camera
  • Front Camera Light (Perfect for selfie at night!)
  • 1.2 GHz Quad Core Processor
  • 4.5 Inch Display
  • Rear Key
  • Professional Colors (Black, Gold, Red, Green, White)
Technically, LG L Fino's main features provide users the basic but improved needs for a smartphone and it's target users are those who are active in social media and selfies like teenagers for example or teen at hearts and the fact that it is very affordable, this is a must for people who loves cool stuff! Detailed device specs here.

Are you diggin' this LG L Fino? Why/ Why not? Show us your personal reviews and comments.

Photo source: PreviewsNation 

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