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Cloudfone BestDeals Sale Price Lists for November 2014

Calling all smartphone addict because this is another opportunity for you to buy something new from Cloudfone for a cheaper price. I have been hearing lots of good feedback from this brand so far so I think they are worth trying.
CloudFone is a company motivated to enhance the fast-growing technological landscape. Having an all-Android line of smartphones and tablets, CloudFone aims to be the Android Expert that delivers quality and reliability whilst providing devices that everyone can use, afford, and enjoy. The company continuously innovates to push new technology and provide “Android for All.” - From their official page.
 I first heard Cloudfone when I saw their smartphones that trended on social media and became popular to people; I am talking about Thrill, Excite and Ice that have excellent specs that first time Cloudfone consumers loved the most!

cloudfone sale, thrill, excite, ice

So this November, be ready because Cloudfone BestDeals Sale is back with awesome smartphones that you can buy almost half of their prices! Selected tablets are also included.

Cloudfone November BestDeals Sale Price Comparison/ List
  • CloudFone Ice 350e price – P1,599 (from Php 1,999)
  • CloudFone Ice 401e price – P1,799 (from Php 1,999)
  • CloudFone Thrill 400qx – P3,599 (from Php 5,999) comes with FREE Extra Big Battery and Back Cover
  • CloudFone Thrill 430x – P3,599 (from Php 4,999)
  • CloudFone Thrill 530qx – P7,999 (from Php 9,999)
  • CloudFone Thrill 501q – P5,999 (from Php 8,999) comes with FREE Extra Big Battery and Back Cover
  • CloudPad 701TV = P3,299 (from Php 3,999) comes with FREE Leather Case
  • CloudPad 800qw = P3,999 (from Php 5,999)
  • CloudPad 800w = P6,999 (from Php 8,999)

See the price differences and realize how awesome it is to have a gadget sale like this? Again, be ready for this as you might find something you can give as a present this yuletide season.

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