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Choosing Between Career and Family; Hardest So Far

I still can't believe that I just made the biggest decision of my life before I reach the age of 23. I have been working in the industry I have chosen right after my college rites without having any grand vacation trips or whatsoever and decided to hit the corporate world as soon as I signed the contract and earn money for a living. I am doing very good but this time, I have to make a choice; a quick one.
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Life lately was full of ups and downs. With my hectic work week and the arrival of my sister and mom from Belgium were the main happenings in my life.

Aside from Belgian goodies, Femke, my little sister is so big now and speak Dutch and a bit of English combined I cannot understand her most of the time. I think kids that grow up in the Philippines are different from the ones who grew up in different country. It's weird and interesting. I love taking care of her and play with her even though she always feel that I am a whole new different person whenever I change my clothes and I need to introduce myself again and again and again. So cute!

Mom and Femke are going to be here in the PH up until the first week of January 2015. It seems too long for some but for me, it's just quick as a blink of an eye. And as much as possible, I want to be with them and spend quality time so now, I am rendering my 30 days at work and by December, I am gonna be a jobless dude, spending my savings for the last 2 years and happy to celebrate my birthday, Christmas and new year with my loved ones that I was not able to do for 2 consecutive years due to my work setting.

Maybe I will spend time with my Grandparents in Zambales as well. Right now, I don't care about promotions, my tenure, my salary and long term goals. I am a son who wants to be with my loved onesand have the time in the world. No need to go back and forth from one place to another, no sleeping and waking up because of work, no schedules to follow. I AM READY TO SEIZE THE MOMENT!

30-days will start on November 1.

Yes, I am sad but for my family, I am willing to take risks and start all over again. I just need to be with them  for at least one whole month. That's all I need. QUALITY TIME.

Growing up is getting into my nerves already. :'(

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