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Annabelle Higgins The Doll Scared The Hell Out of Me!

I just got home after watching Annabelle at SM San Lazaro and as usual, I was alone. I just preferred watching movies all by myself because I want to focus and just be in it or maybe all my friends are living miles away from me, that's why.

Technically, this post is kind of out of place but I am a big fan of horror films and one of my most-read articles is about Shomba from the movie Coming Soon that really scared me to death
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Annabelle is somehow connected to the movie, The Conjuring so I watched it as well hoping for some good scare and I am not disappointed. If you want to have a good scare with your friends especially this Halloween, Annabelle must be on your DVD watch list along with Insidious, The Conjuring and some more.

Just a warning guys, if you are not into dolls and scenes that will surely pump your heart out, this movie is definitely not for you.

Annabelle will definitely answer lots of questions about the movie "The Conjuring" since the antagonist is the same character so you can connect the dots like how did she turn out to be a killer doll like the infamous Chuckie Doll and what's the main intent of the killings and stuff so it is indeed interesting to watch.

Despite the fact that the setting of the movie is very expected like dim lights and large house with spaces and corridors, all in all, it is quite entertaining. It gives some chill and I kind of shouted a bit and almost covered my eyes in some scenes... ALMOST.

What's really scary about the entire film is that it is based on true stories like there is a real Annabelle doll and some creepy things happened in the past and up until now, the doll is still here on earth being contained in a safe place and being cleansed 2 times a month! Crazy!

Another crazy thing is that the doll is actually less scary than the one in the movie. You won't actually think that it is possessed by a demon.

While filming the movie, the staff even get goosebumps just by looking at Annabelle sitting there still. Officially today, I hate creepy porcelain dolls! Oh god I don't want to see one ever! lol!

How about you? What can you say about the movie Annabelle? Any reviews?

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