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SmartBro Overdue: Letter from Summit Collection & Allied Services Inc.

Today, I was welcomed by a collection letter from my cancelled SmartBro account and figured out that it was sent to a collections agency already and that means SmartBro is not managing that account therefore, they are not the one who will collect money from my unpaid bills upon cancellation.

Seriously Overdue. That's what it says on the letter and the hell I care? I am not going to pay for something that I did not even use! Who wants to use a very slow internet connection and their plan of unlimited data is not unlimited at all. Are kidding me Smart Communications?

Give me one valid reason why do I need to pay that seriously overdue account or how about this. I will file against your deceiving advertisements on TV about your plan 999 with unlimited internet connection for one whole month but after using it for some streaming and blog browsing, you will then cut it off. Isn't aggravating in my end? Just give me one good reason why should I pay that bill.

I found this funny chat conversation about this person who also received collections letter from the same company and she did the same thing, she did not pay her bill and guess what, nothing happened. Third party collections company here in the Philippines are not really that effective since we don't have credit system unlike in the US and getting letters from them means a dreadful thing.

So my decision is final. I am not going to settle this "seriously overdue" bill from SmartBro not because I am broke. It's just that I did not get the service I deserve and signed up for. 

So what do you think about this issue? Have you experienced the same thing? Share it with us!
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