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Rhinoplasty: Let's talk about Nose Job

I am getting so obsessed looking for Instagram photos with a hashtag #nosejob and #rhinoplastydiary and stumbled upon different people from all over the countries who have had their nose done; could be today or a week ago and I can see that although they are in pain and can barely smile on their after-rhinoplasty selfie, you can tell how proud and happy they are in the photo.
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Photos are all credited to Instagram
Someone sent me an email two months ago after reading my entry about getting a nose hiko procedure. It is a non-surgical process that will lift your nose bridge without undergoing knives, blood and bruises so it's pretty cool but the effect will only last for two years.
Going back to the email, they told me that I can have it for less than 50% off so technically, when we do the math, I only need to pay 15,000 for that but I declined the offer because it will definitely mess up my fund especially my travel savings.

But now, after seeing these people who undergone the rhinoplasty procedure and getting better in less than a month, I am having more courage to pursue it now.

I am aware of the pain it has and that will stop me from working but I am open to those kind of things. What I am afraid of is being alone in the healing process since my mom is in Belgium and my Aunts are busy at work.

For my obsession about rhinoplasty, I also discovered that most of Filipino actors and actresses undergone the process too. Piolo Pascual, Luis Manzano, Paolo Avelino and some heartthrobs in the local scene endured the pain for that dreamy pointy nose. 

There are also celebrities who denied the allegations of having their nose done like Kathryn Bernardo, Toni Gonzaga, Angeline Quinto, Kim Chiu and many more! 

But of course, Let us not forget the Clark Kent of the Philippines who undergone 16 years of surgery just to look like his Idol, Superman: The Man of Steel. He is so popular because of his journey and even featured in Huffingtonpost UK!
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The miracle of plastic surgery.
I am seeing mixed reactions about getting a nosejob and I myself got few negative remarks when I said that I am considering of getting it done but I am okay with that. Right now, I am saving some more strength and weighing things out before I do "it".

P.S I am eyeing on 2 clinics: The Icons Clinic in Ortigas and Beaufaces in Taft. Any recommendations?
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