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Life Lately Vol. 11

I have been sitting in front of my laptop thinking of some interesting things to blog about but I can't think of any. Days/ Weeks like this sucks especially if you really want to be productive but can't think of anything to do. Luckily, there is this so-called fillers I have in my blog, "Life Lately" where I just post everything I want to say about my life (duh), like a free-write, no stopping, no proofreading, just raw entry.
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Random stuff happening lately:
  1. Things are getting real now. Applied for something higher at work and currently reviewing, preparing some killer answers they will throw at me. I hope this is the break I have been waiting for. Things at work are kind of stagnant and repetitive now. Fed up.
  2. Cannot contain my excitement for October 21st because Mom and little sister are going back to the Philippines. They are gonna be here for Halloween, Christmas, New Year and of course, my birthday. Yayy! Mom also bought me some succulents fresh from Belgium. So sweet!
  3. Got an awful work schedule until end of October.
  4. Been experiencing this pain in my stomach like it's full of air. I kept on burping so hard, it's kind of painful in my chest. Is it GERD or heartburn?
  5. Received an email from the WeChat team about their ongoing promo called "WeChat Stick-It-To-Win-It PROMO: Your Movie Date is Free!" and been invited to their blogger party thins third week of October. Said yes immediately because I need this, I need to socialize, be with people with the same interest and of course just loosen up a bit.
  6. Already got my eyeglasses sponsored by and I think they're so pretty. It's just that they sent me two glasses with similar design. Will start the photoshoot for my OOTD by tomorrow. Can't wait to share them with you guys!
  7. Watched this sick film, "V/H/S". If you like disgusting films then this movie is definitely for you! It's like a compilation of creepy videos in a movie, know what I mean? Also watched the second part but did not like it. Still preferred the first one. 6 out of 10.
  8. Also seen The Maze Runner alone. I watched it because of the main lead, Dylan O'Brien who is also in one of my favorite US TV show, Teen Wolf. 7 out of 10 though. 
So there you go, those are the things happened in my life lately not that you are interested at all but I just can't think of some interesting stuff to blog about. Maybe next time.

Cover photo is from Flickr by EmilyRoseMarshall

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