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Life Lately Vol. 10

I am feeling super tired now. It is not the usual feeling when you work so hard rather, it is the feeling of wanting to be refreshed, to start anew and leave behind everything in the present. Maybe fed up is the word for this.
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This is quite normal for everyone I guess. There are times in our lives when we feel the lowest without any reason. But I know that this too shall pass!

Life lately is full of mixed emotions, thanks to my friends who are always there. I can't imagine my work week without our silly and naughty talks about random stuff.

Work is too much for me, I don't want to talk about it anymore. I want to stop and just travel or stay in the province even without any source of income but I know that is not possible! If only.

Random happenings in my life lately.
  1. Found cheap cactus and succulents in Quiapo and Victory Mall in Caloocan City. 
  2. But the cactus I bought for myself died already and the one I gave to my Aunt is still okay. However, my one and only succulent is very healthy, been trying to propagate but not successful yet.
  3. Been watching a lot of series lately. While waiting for the next season of Teen Wolf, am now watching ANTM and The Strain, a suspense/ horror/ thriller TV series from FX.
  4. Thank god Romeo Tostado of ANTM was disqualified because that wiccan reminds me of someone who did awful things to me. Sorry Romeo! lol
  5. Still eyeing for a work promotion but what is happening now is very confusing and demotivating at the same time.
  6. Still going to the gym once in a while. Planning to update my gym diary but I am not sure if something is happening. I lose weight again I don't why why.
  7. Been eating a lot lately but kept on losing weight. WTF!!!
  8. So excited for October 21 because mom and lil sister are going back for vacation from Belgium. 
Image is from Flickr by Simon Birky Hartmann
How about you? How's life so far?
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