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Free Facebook via GLOBE is Back by Next Week!

It seems that Telcos here in the Philippines are giving an early Christmas gift to all of their users as they give free internet connection for everyone!
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On my previous post, SMART gave away free internet until November 30th and that will allow all of their prepaid users to access not only Facebook but also Twitter, Instagram, Google, Wikipedia, Spinnr and even their favorite sites/ blogs and online shopping sites are included. Generous right?

Meanwhile, Globe in partnership with Facebook CEO, Marl Zuckerberg announces that this free FB promo will be available by next week. This is also part of Globe's Project Wonderful and that is to connect everyone online!

So starting next week, you can access free facebook via OR you can also use your Facebook app; both works perfectly fine. I am not sure if you need to text something to be registered as it is not announced yet. Let us wait for further instructions. Post will be updated once finalized. 

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