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Bony to Beastly-ish Adventure: BMI's and Gaining Weight!

I am hesitant to update my muscle diary after getting number of haters after posting the first entry but here I am having the courage to do it again. 
muscle, bony to beastly, BMI, gain weight
Just to give you a little background about my very own Bony to Beastly-ish Adventure, I started working out last March of 2014 and very scared because I don't have any idea on how to use those fancy gym equipment and kind of afraid that some muscular dudes might laugh at me  lifting baby barbels BUT those were all in my head and did not happen. I was just over-thinking. As usual.

Anyway, I just computed my Body Mass Index or BMI and I have a result of 20 and according to experts, for my weight and height, 18 to 24 of BMI result is quite normal. Whew. If you want to know yours, compute it here.

To give you some visual updates, here are my body photos started last July up until now. Click the images to enlarge.
muscle, bony to beastly, BMI, gain weight
Bony to Beastly-ish Adventure: BMI's and Gaining Weight!
I am not sure if there is a difference but what I can say is that there are small improvements compared to way way back when I started working out. 

Shoulders are now wider, ribs not visible at all, and can you see that lining on my chest and the small bump? lol We are talking about sweat and tears.

For the last three weeks, I noticed that I lost some pounds. From 115 lbs down to 110 lbs and that is not just because of work-related stress but because I toned down from carbohydrates which is a BIG NO, NO!

I stopped eating too much carbs because it gives me lots of extra gases in my belly and it makes my stomach fat and bumpy but according to some experts, we should eat lots of carbs higher than what we burn in the gym so my action plan for this is to EAT A LOT! NO HOLDING BACK BABY.

I have been learning to cook some healthy meals like my very own carbonara and mashed potatoes that I am munching every 2 to 3 hours at home. As a result, in just a week, I am gaining some pounds again!

Since carbs make my belly fat, I am doing abs exercises everyday!

I think I am on the right track because my ever supportive trainer is slowly changing my workout type. To think that I have been working out for 6 months now, I guess there is no stopping because if I do, it's either I might end up too fat or too thin. 

Til next time, hotties!
Photo courtesy of Flickr by Andreas Flodin
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