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Small Tattoo Ideas

Getting a tattoo is one of the things I have in my bucket list because I want to feel the pain it can cause my skin. I know it sounds weird but most of my friends who have tattoos say that there is this kind of pain that makes you addicted to it that you find yourself getting another one after it heals.
small tattoos, ideas, ink, skin
On my 23rd birthday this December, I am planning to have one on my right arm. Iam still thinking if it is going to be a fox, dreamcatcher or a koi fish.  I don't know but I am fascinated with those things. But I might go for a small koi fish with orange and white color combination. 

It's unique and looks cool I guess but I am not sure if the white ink can be seen though.
koi fish tattoo, ink, skin

It is something like the photo above but smaller just like the third photo above and I am planning to have more kois every time I celebrate my birthday. Sounds like a plan!

As early as now, I will start looking for some studios/ artists who can offer affordable/ cheap tattoo service. I think this won't cause me a lot because it is just small as a one peso coin, right?

If you know somebody who creates awesome tattoo/ ink, let me know okay?
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