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OOTD: The Fault in Our Stars

I know it's kind of late but I just decided to watch "The Fault in Our Stars" today and as expected, I cried.. Just a bit.. I just noticed that when I am so stressed about my life, I tend to watch tearjerker films. Last week, I watched "The Perks of Being a Wallflower" that I loved. I admit that am not a fan of such films. I find them boring but there are times in life when I just want to cry even for a while. 
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Wearing a formal wear fresh from the office. Photo taken somewhere in Divisoria.
Early in the morning, we decided to go to Divisoria to buy some clothes for our OOTD motif for Friday which is Denim Day. Third time to there with my friends and I got overwhelmed with some nice stuff and ended up not buying much thinking of buying something and seeing things better than what I previously bought. Know what I mean?

ootd, sahara, thrift clothes
Top from SAHARA
I think I have couple of formal clothes from SAHARA and I just starting to appreciate them because somehow, they kind of fit me perfectly now that I work out some muscles. *ehem*

One thing I just learned: Do not take your OOTD photos after eating breakfast. I mean look at my tummy, so big it looks like I ate a cow! lol 

ootd post, divisoria
Even I am in a crowded area, this outfit is still comfortable. Thank goodness for a not-so-hot kind of weather or else, I end up buying some t-shirts in replace to my casual wear.

I got tons of outfit photos in my phone so watch out for more OOTD entries! Have a good one!

Photographed by Iona Laila

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