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American Boulevard: Back to Basic

I really don't buy clothes in American Boulevard because most of their apparels don't fit me at all! I think they follow the american size which is larger compared to ours. And clothes that are not S or XS are not my type and the feeling is mutual I guess.
basic top, american blvd
I am wearing: T-Shirt from American Blvd // EZRA bag from Zalora Philippines
Ever since I started working out, that was 5 months ago, I am seeing some improvements with regard to my body type. I think I am gaining some weights and slowly building some muscles and my friends are also noticing the changes.

zalora ph, amrcn blvd
This shirt from American Boulevard is my fave right now. If only I can wear it everyday. It is very comfortable and it fits me perfectly. It is also complimenting my body type.

What I also like about AB is that they have cheap apparels. I bought this shirt for only 140 pesos! Cool isn't it? It makes me want to go to every American Blvd outlet and look for shirts like the one I am wearing. Perfect for personal use and gifts as well.
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