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2nd Anniversary Celebration at Project Pie Pasay

Time flies really fast! I can still remember my first ever job interview, what I wore that day, how it felt and my first day at work with overloading information, cool people in all ages and I never thought I will still work for the same company after all that happened within 2 years!
Some of the people I first met. Photo taken at Ayala Triangle.
I can't say that I have the perfect job because there were times when I asked myself if this is really the career that I wanted in the first place, there were times where I just wanted to update my resume and leave especially if the goings are getting rough. But what makes me stay is the people in the industry. I love my friends, supervisors and the managers and also, it pays me good compared to other jobs that I can think of that fit my skills.

So for our anniversary celebration, we first decided to go to Ayala Triangle and just have our breakfast. Unfortunately, most of the restaurants were still closed so we decided to go to Blue Wave in Pasay since we really want to try Project Pie but I always refer this as Project Pizza (lol).

project pizza, selfie, friends
project pizza
menu. pizza
Project Pie Menu
What I like about Project Pie is their friendly staff. The who welcomed us was really friendly and he kept on talking and talking about stuff. Idk but the place is just full of positive energy that I liked the most.

According to them, their bestsellers are numbers 2, 5 and 6 so we ordered 3 of them and also tried their dessert, banana nutella.

We liked them all but I think what stands out was #5, it's a white pizza with mozzarella, ricotta, parmesan, fresh chopped basil, garlic, olive oil and cracked black pepper.

Tip: Do not get too adventurous with the toppings. Make sure that each one of them will compliment each other and asking for some tips with the expert wouldn't hurt so if you want to have the best experience with the pizza of your choice, just ask assistance with any of the staff.

Project Pie's rate/pricing is also budget friendly because for 285 pesos, which is good for 1 to 2 persons, depending on your appetite for the day, you can also choose any of the toppings for free! But then again, it is not necessary to put everything because they might compliment each other so take it easy.

Final Verdict: PROJECT PIE
PLACE: 9/10 spacious but cannot accommodate lots of people during peak hours.
STAFF: 10/10 Friendly, warm, nice and lively!
FOOD: 9/10 Interesting toppings for each kind of pizza.
DRINK: 9/10 Drinks can be refilled for 3x and can be replaced by other flavors.
GOING BACK: Definitely!

You can visit Project Pie here:
Ground Floor
Bluebay Walk
EDSA corner Macapagal Blvd
Mall of Asia Complex Pasay City Philippines
Monday to Thursday
10:00am -11:00pm
Friday to Sunday
10:00am - 12:00mn
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