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What Happened? I am Just a Non-Glitterati Nuffnang Member

I have been a member of Nuffnang Philippines since 2009 way back when I was still a newbie in blogging and trying to earn a little bit of extra cash and I can say that Nuffnang is one of those ad networks that paid me multiple times already. Being a glitterati member is a plus since I earn more and I get the chance to join their contest and have movie invites during my free time.

But today is so sad because I lost my Glitterati membership.

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I tried searching online what may be the cause for this but I think it all started when I added my newest blog , News Guy Manila on my account and put Nuffie ads on it. 

I know it is kind of new but the traffic is not that low either. I am receiving quite amount of organic visitors from Google and Twitter so the ads are not getting left behind. Anyway, I already removed those ads on my new blog in the meantime and I am still waiting for the result.

Hopefully tomorrow, I can get my Glitterati account again because I don't want to be an outcast since I have been a member for almost 5 years now and this is the first time that it happened to me. 

So I am giving Nuffnang 7 days to reinstate my membership before I send them an email for some consideration. 

For someone who lost their glitterati membership on Nuffnang? Can you tell me what you did in order for you to get it back?

Comments are much appreciated!

UPDATE AS OF 07/6/14
Nuffnang Philippines finally reinstated my glitterati status after deleting my newest blog on my dashboard. Last night, I also edit some of my nuffnang ads on all blogs that I have hoping that it will make a difference (I guess it made a difference after all). As a glitterati member again, I am starting to receive emails from them about their ongoing contests etc and it means that I am qualified to join again. Thanks Nuffnang! You guys are the best!

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