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Trying Out Happy Lemon's Milo Dinosaur!

After our team building at Ascott Hotel Makati yesterday, we decided to chill out and drink something cold and refreshing because we were feeling dehydrated after drinking couple of beers that night.

I was craving for watermelon shake from Big Chill but it was kind of far from where we at so we just visited the nearest place which is Happy Lemon, near Tous Les Jours.

I personally like their Salt Milk Tea but this time, I tried one of their newest collections: Milo Dinosaur for only 85 pesos.
happy lemon, milo dinosaur
Actually, they have 3 new selections, Milk Tea Dinosaur, Matcha Dinosaur and of course, Milo Dinosaur.

happy lemon, milk tea
It's just a common milk tea with powdered Milo on top so the taste of milo is very prominent ~ so chocolatey! I think you can even do it at home but if you are outside and suddenly craved for something cold and sweet, then you can try Happy Lemon's latest creations.

All in all, I am giving Milo Dinosaur 4 out of 5 stars since it made me feel good after drinking and having some hangover.

Next time, I'd definitely try the other two drinks they have on the menu.

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