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The Happy List Vol. 2

Since I can't find anything that is blog-able today, I decided to come up with my second volume of "The Happy List" where I list everything that makes me happy even the simplest and littlest ways in my life.
the happy list

1. Morning shifts.
2. Smooth mornings and starting the right.
3. Teen Wolf new episodes.
4. Bacon sandwich at the office's pantry.
5. Discovering new artists on Spotify.
6. Messages from my mom who is in Belgium now.
7. Training for a new line-of-business for work.
8. Weekend rest-days.
9. Weekend plans with teammates for our team building in Ascott Makati Hotel.
10. Cleaning and organizing my room.

I am having an awesome week since my training for a new line of business for work started last Monday and this s the first time where I go to work at 7am and it feels so good. I am feeling ecstatic for our team building tomorrow in Ascott Hotel and I organized some fun games. I think, I won't be able to sleep tonight because of this excitement flowing into my veins. 

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