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Tarot Card Thursday: Temptations and The Stars!

I am doing a segment here on my blog about my tarot card readings and I am going to call it "Tarot Card Thursday" since I am going to schedule post it every Thursday. I am not an experienced tarot card reader nor a psychic but I am learning new things about it and I discovered that I have this talent way back in my childhood years.

I am very sensitive and moody especially around a crowd of people. It is like I can feel what people are feeling as of the moment and tend to absorb it. I am also sensitive with what people think and feel so I am very particular with what I say or do around others because I think I can feel them is some way.

That's where my journey started as an empath. I started searching for explanations about this feeling and found out that there are thousands of people feeling the same way.

Empath is a person who can actually feel what other people feel. Most of the time, empaths can absorb it that causes mood swings especially in a crowded area. I am one of them.

I know it sounds really weird but this is true. In fact, way back in college, I was an active member of this empath community that helped me a lot in coping and protecting myself so I won't go nuts!

So to cut the story short, here is the result of my tarot card reading last week.

tarot card reading
I am afraid of what will happen because all of these cards are affecting my life as of the moment. Wrong Decisions and Temptations so I am getting too cautious these days.

tarot cards
But worry no more because The Stars is also present. It means everything is in the right place and that includes my future. It's like everything is planned and written in the stars already so there is nothing to worry about. An assurance.

I do trust my cards and I also know that they are just my guides in life. In the end, everything is still under my decision but at least, I am getting cautious with what I do just in case there's a threat because of my wrong move right?

I am not really a religious person so please don't tell me about the Bible or whatsoever. As long as I respect everyone's beliefs and not doing something against anyone then I will be fine.

PS. I am using TAROT OF THE 78 DOORS that I bought in Greenhills Fully-Booked.

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