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PR Blogging - Can I Make It?

Blogging has been a very big part of my life since 2009 where I got my first netbook for college. I started writing poems on and started thinking if I can make money from writing and found out that it is indeed possible. 

2010 when I started earning money from the internet where I started blogging more seriously, learning SEO techniques from top bloggers in the Philippines and earning $50 every month. Perfect for my hobby which is online shopping.

Until now, I am making small amount of money thru sponsored blog posts, advertorials and product reviews. I also get free stuff from online shops and those are the best things because I know that someone trusts my blog even though I talk more about myself lately. 

After posting article about PR Blogging on my new site, I couldn't help ask myself if I am ready to be one. Can I make it? I have a full-time job and I work 10 hours every week and most of the time, I sleep.

PR blogging requires dedication, time and effort because you need to be out there and experience everything. It's not about something you can read on your email like a press release for example. I know someone who does it and reading his status on Facebook about finishing his school projects then travel from here to there is making me tired and stressed out.

Thing is, I love being out there, attending and covering events, being updated with what's new and access things my friends can't so yes, I am up for the challenge of being a PR friendly blogger.

I am waiting for someone to email me and I am hoping that my schedule can make it. Someone emailed me already and still waiting for the final instructions. 

Expect PR-related articles soon. This is gonna be a blast as it opens another adventures for me as a Blogger.

So how about you? Are you open for event invites or product reviews on your blog?Tell me your insights about it. 
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