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MUSCLE DIARY: Bony to Beastly (Getting There)

Another blogging series I came up with just now for the sake of writing something here and I hope this will help some skinny/ slim/ bony guys out there who wants to have that body every man is dreaming of.
muscle building
Photo above was taken 2 days ago during our team building in Ascott Hotel Makati. I posted it on my Facebook page and most of my friends liked it and noticed a huge change on my physical appearance. Some of them compared the way I was back in college days and one of them said that it is like a new version of me.

So what was changed? Well I guess the bumps on my body (muscles..ehem..muscles). 

skinny, slim, stickman
Photo above was taken a year ago and you can see how skinny I was and the nerve of wearing sando in a public place? lol! It was a year ago but it feels so yesterday!
buff, muscle dude, muscle guide
Photo above was taken 2 weeks ago while I was accompanying my friend buying new clothes somewhere in Glorietta. If you will take a closer look, my chest and shoulder became wider and you can really see some improvements the way I look now.

So what's my secret?

Well, it is not really a secret and the answer is kind of obvious: I ENROLLED TO THE GYM. That's where I started.

March of 2014 when I started lifting some weights, working out for at least 2 hours and taking in some supplements like powdered whey protein.

So if you are also dreaming of having a body that is perfect for Boracay or body that is worth flaunting, I highly suggest you to be a member of the nearest fitness center/ gym in your area. You need focus, determination and of course, consistency.

I work out at:
Dimasalang Rd. Sampaloc Manila
3rd Floor of RV Marzan Building
150 pesos per session// 1,000 pesos per month
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