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Life Lately: Birthday/ SM Megamall/ Bershka

I really hate this 4/11 setup at work where I have to work for 11 hours, including break and lunch for 4 days. The schedule is tiring and 3-days of rest day is not worth it! Today is my off so I am trying my best to update some of my blogs and seeing my paypal account receiving some money from blogging is what keeps me from blogging harder.

Life lately was kind of tiring. Not really stressful but more on the draining side where I just want to sleep and sleep some more!
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Yesterday, we celebrated my friend's birthday after work. We just ate and talked about stuff. It was really fun! Happy Birthday Love!!! (She is the one beside me wearing yellow dress)

After we had our meal, we went to SM Megamall to accompany the birthday celebrant to buy a gift for herself -- A netbook.

ootd with monopod
Insert random photo of me messing with my monopod. If you can remember, I suck at using my monopod and my friends tease me not to use it anymore because I am not good in taking group selfie using it. 

I also tried using my monopod to take my OOTD because sometimes, it is hard to ask someone to take a photo of yourself in public places. But I can't. I can only take my upper body and the angle for a full body OOTD shot is not really that good.

bershka megamall
My outfit from yesterday. I asked my friend to take photo of me because the lighting in SM Megamall is fantastic! And Bershka Philippines will soon be opened at SM Megamall so be ready for it if you love their items!

I am quite busy with my new blog and if you have free time today, please do give it a visit >>> News Guy Manila
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