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CD-R King Powerbank Isn't That Bad: Must Have for Rainy Days!

I never though that I'd write a blog post dedicated to CD-R King. I mean I am not a type of guy who buy stuff in CD-R because I have been reading awful stuff about them. Yugatech, a famous Philippine blog that talks about technology can't help but to question CD-r King's reputation in the market lately.
cdr king, power bank review, 990 pesos
Powerbank 12000 MAh for only 990 pesos I bought in CD-R King last February. Photo I grabbed from my outdated tech blog.
If you have visited my outdated tech-blog where I posted something about the powerbank that I bought in CDR King last Feb. 27, 2014 and I have been receiving some emails asking if it's worth it or not.

TO ANSWER YOUR QUESTION - Yes, it is still working fine. Although I am always lazy to charge it for 12 hours, but as I write this post, it is fully-charged and ready to be used especially right now that we are experiencing strong wind due to typhoon Glenda and I just used it last night because of the power shortage due to the weather.

Technically, I am impressed with this gadget that I bought in CD-R King even though my friends used to laugh every time they see me carry this huge and heavy device (heavier than my smartphone). But do not underestimate this because it can charge up my phone for 4-5 times -- Perfect for traveling and days like this.

I think when you buy devices in CD-R King, make sure to double check the specs because they have items that are worth buying but some of them are just waste of money like the LAN wireless adapter that I bought that I never used.

All in all, I suggest to buy powerbanks especially this rainy season where we are experiencing power shortages and extra battery life is indeed a gift from above so you can still update and stay connected with your loved ones.
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