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Not Enough Information About Hiko Noselifting in the Philippines

If you can still remember, I blogged something about hiko noselifting procedure after watching Kapuso mo Jessica Soho last month and it was a hit! I got thousands of visitors and email asking questions regarding hiko procedure especially in Manila and Makati area.
hiko nose procedure, manila, makati
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I myself want to try to procedure but the problem is I can't find any kinds of information about it online.

hiko nose job
According to the search result of google, there are only 3,510 results for the keyword "hiko nose job philippines" and all of my blogs are on top of the list so technically, there are no other websites or blogs interested on the topic. 

And that is also one of the reasons why people ask me about it because they see my blog post all over google.

If you are a Doctor of have a clinic that offers hiko nose treatment, you can email me at so I can put you on the list here on my blog for my reader's reference as well.
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