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MANILA: Rainy Days 2014 - Something I'd Wear

If I were to choose between summer and rainy days, I'd definitely choose rainy days because who doesn't love cold and sweater weathers perfect for OOTD sessions with friends. And don't forget warm cup of coffee or chocolate with marshmallows on top. 

Yes summer is fun if you are one of teenagers who always go out-of-town for summer break but if you are already a grown-up like me who religiously go to work and travel across 2 cities, well you will hate it believe me!

I am really excited because finally, I can sleep comfortably during afternoons because it is not that hot anymore and I just love it if the rain pours. So calming.

Anyway, sharing you some of the outfits I saw on Lookbook while browsing for some clothes I can wear this rainy season 2014.
ootd, rainy season, sweater weather
Printed tee-shirt topped with Denim Jacket

rainy days, ootd
This is an outfit I'd like to wear in the office and also perfect when strolling around Makati.
cardigans, scarfs, rainy season 2014
Perfect for malling or movie days with some friends. Never though that cardigans and scarfs make a good combination.
office wear
Semi-formal wear for office guys like me. See the twist? Yes, BOOTS! 
I am planning to buy some new clothes for me this rainy season because I feel that there is nothing new in my closet and I think people are tired the same combination I wear every now and then.

More to come.

Ciao! Deej.
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