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LIFE LATELY: Dakasi/Bunny/The World/Spotify

Hey you Dreamers! Another quick entry here to update you guys what's happening to me lately. Life for me lately was very hectic and I am having a hard time adjusting especially at work where I need to work for only four days but eleven hours per shift. This week, I was MIA  in the gym and luckily, I was able to work out today.
dakasi, pet, tarot, spotify

Visited the nearest Dakasi branch here in my area along UST Dapitan before I had my haircut. It tasted good but nothing special about it. Same milk tea, prefect to beat down the summer heat.

My pet bunny named Clover is so big now! She is kind of stubborn already and always gnaw my slippers and my room's wooden door. This is bad because if my mom sees my door being gnawed by Clover, she will go mad!

Had my tarot card reading for the month of June and it revolves about unending problems in life that will be resolved by means of resources I will find along the way. Major Arcana card, The World also appeared and I was thrilled by seeing it! It means traveling or the other way around.

Your Favorite Coffeehouse playlist is my favorite on Spotify! It is perfect to listen to whenever I write something or even prepare for work. Thanks spotify! Still thinking if I will upgrade my account so I can listen to songs offline and without ads but I think this time, I can still bear those annoying ads. 

Oh and by the way, please take time to visit my new blog, The News Guy Manila where I talk about everything trending!! I also bought a new domain for that and it only means that I am pretty serious about blogging to the next level. We'll see in a few months if this will succeed or what.

Til next time bloggies! :)


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