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Korean-Inspired EZRA Backpack from ZALORA Philippines!

I have been looking for some stores here in Manila where I can buy a Korean inspired backpack because I saw someone wearing in the gym and I noticed it immediately and if that happens, I tend to look everywhere so I can also buy the same thing; well not exactly the same but similar in some ways.

I have been seeing a lot of guys wearing the same bag especially those who study in La Salle and Benilde along Taft and the first time I saw it, I kind of fell in love with the style of it. 

ezra, korean bag for men, zalora
Luckily, I visited ZALORA.COM.PH and saw their cool backpack for guys that has a taste of Korean fashion. After laying my eyes on it, I hurriedly bought it!

What's good about it is they ship the item immediately and in less than 2 days, I already received it! Kudos guys! I love you na!

korean bag for guys, ezra, zalora
Sexy back eh?? 
This canvas backpack with leather trim that I bought in Zalora is very stylish and perfect for guys who don't leave their home without bringing anything. This backpack will also compliment what we wear for the day ~ perfect for OOTD's and much cooler if you wear chino shoes!

ezra backpack for guys, korean inspired
Today, I conclude that I am indeed a #talikogenic and #sexyback!
I just got out of the office so I was kind of haggard. No face pic this time. ha ha!

I really love this and so far, the best item I bought online! One of my friends saw me a while ago and mentioned that I dress like a Korean and it only proves that even I was wearing the simplest clothes in my closet, this bag gives something unique and stylish. A stand out!

korean backpack for guys
This was taken a while ago. I know you guys wanted to see my face so there you go! I know you are fed up looking at my back! lmao!

So if you liked what you saw, visit ZALORA PHILIPPINES now!

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