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I am Now a Spotify Premium User!

I just realized that I was too productive today, well my day started pretty lame because I was stuck in front of my laptop again doing random stuff and power tripping some of my friends on facebook. I woke up by 9 am and decided to do some errands by 12 noon so yes, I wasted 3 hours in front of the computer!

And finally after being MIA in gym for 3 straight days, I was able to work out today and decided to do some power-lifting to catch up with the muscle buildups and also to burn up some fats from yesterday's eat-out at Cabalen's. I really suck at eating in an eat-all-you can restaurants because I tend to eat less when I needed to eat more.


Going back to my main point in writing this blog entry. It's about having a Spotify user today! I decided to purchase the 7 day trial period but after a while, I bought my very first premium spotify experience using my Paypal account!

You know what, it is cheaper if you are going to purchase using a paypay account compared to Globe or Smart offers. In Paypal, you only need to pay 129 pesos per month but for globe and smart subscribers, I think it is for 299 pesos.

Now, I am listening to my favorite coffeehouse playlist while downloading the whole album so I can listen to it offline! I can also skip some songs I don't like and listen songs in a high quality version. Feels like a VIP right?

So what are you waiting for? Try Spotify Premium now!
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