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Chill-out at Relik Tapas Bar and Lounge with some Friends

Last week, me and some of my friends went to Taguig to visit someone very close to us who was confined in St Lukes Medical Center because of an operation. Then after that, we decided to eat out since we were hungry at that time given the fact that we just got out of the office.

We roamed around the area and I must say that Global City is far more awesome than Ayala where my workplace is located.

Thinking about moving there is a very pleasant idea and I also have targeted company to move in if ever. But I think that's not going to happen this time because I am still happy with my work and most of all, the people I am working with. Maybe I will just drop by in Global City more often during my free time then.

Anyway, to cut the story short, we decided to try out Relik Tapas Bar and Lounge that is located in 31st Street Corner 4th Street, Second Floor of Commercial Building (Near St Lukes).

Unfortunately, I was not able to take photos because I was too sleepy from 9 hours of work and too hungry to take photos of the food. Thanks to A not-so-popular kid for blogging about Relik and for posting decent photos of the place.

When it comes to the vibes of the bar, it's kind of dim perfect for drinking session with friends and also, candle-light dinner. And the food are delicious especially their special Chorizig, it's a crispy chorizo bits topped over with their version of a Filipino sisig.. I am a big fan of sisig and trust me, I will eat any kinds of sisig!

relik tapas bar, global city
Very good place to chill out!
Maybe the only problem is the food serving because it's kind of little for me. Forgive me but I workout and drink supplements so I tend to eat more than usual but overall, Relik Tapas Bar and Lounge is great and highly recommended for people who wants to eat out, chill out and have some good time (they also have free videoke session so you can sing your heart out while you are in there).


I just want to share my #OOTD for simple night outs. 

summer, nightout, ootd
I am wearing Dark-blue cardigan / Gray tee-shirt from Giordano/  Dark, slim fit jeans from Bench/ Timex Watch/ Shoes from Bench
I kept on wearing my fave shoes from Bench but I guess I need a new one already. I am wanting to try wearing boots since rainy season is approaching a little bit slower
I only have 5 pairs of shoes and each of them is for certain occasions like I have a pair for work days, night outs, bar hopping, malling, workout and sometimes, just walk around the city. The problem is that I overuse my favorite ones and that is not good because they age so fast! 

While browsing online, I found these awesome boots for men that I find perfect this coming rainy season. Maybe I will buy one before it starts and let us see if I can pull it off.

What I am afraid of is that I might look like a kid because I have chicken legs and I am not sure if wearing boots will compliment my slim legs but I am willing to find out what will happen.

What about you? Do you wear boots? What do you think of guys wearing boots? 

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