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X-MEN: Days of Future Past

Of all the marvel movies out there, my most favorite is X-MEN. I don't really know why but I think I am just a fan of their mutant powers. I love watching every character use their mutant powers and at the same time, imagining myself having the same powers that I could use to fight the bad guys.
X-MEN:  Days of Future Past

Now, I cannot wait to watch the latest installment of X-MEN films entitled, Days of Future Past.

"The story involves time travel. The "classic" McKellen/Stewart X-Men are in some dystopian future where virtually everyone has been killed by indestructible robots called Sentinels. As a last resort, they send Wolverine, Hugh Jackman's alpha X-Man (right), back to the 1970s, Terminator-style. He must prevent a future apocalypse by foiling the Sentinels' inventor" -  THEGUARDIAN.COM
I am looking forward to seeing lots of action as X-MEN unleashed their awesome mutant powers. And I think one of the main characters here is Mystique played by Katniss Everdenn/ Jennifer Lawrence my love. lol!

Anyway, this is the trailer of X-MEN: Days of the Future Past.

If you are one of the coolest bloggers here in the Philippines, I am inviting you to attend the latest craze in Nuffnang Philippines as they joined forces with 20th Century Fox to invite us for an exclusive movie screening of X-MEN: Days of Future Past this coming May 23rd, Friday 9PM at Shangri-La Cineplex Cinema 1!

For preparation, I have here an OOTD dedicated to the mutant within me ready to be awekened and fight the sentinels.

x-men ootd, x-men fashion
Do I look like Beast or Nightcrawler here? lol!

x-men ootd
Holding my super dope mutant ball! MUTANT BALL???? lol!

x-men ootd fashion, inspiration
Holding another mutant ball, this time it's a small one. HA HA!

Okay, enough with mutant balls already. If you are reading this, you can still write a blog post and join us on the 23rd! Read this post to know how to join!!

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