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VSCO cam free filters/ presets or use Lightroom instead

If you are following me on my instagram (@deejtheblogger), you will notice that I have been using hashtags like #vsco or #vscocam because this app on my android phone is so awesome and I definitely love the filters/presets! 

Unlike the filters or instagram and Camera360 that are too obvious and so unnatural, VSCO cam is very minimal and just perfect. If you love vintage, dramatic and movie-like scene, then this app is suited for you!

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Inside the app, you can see a small store where you can see all the available filters or presets you can use in editing your photos. I think as of this writing, there are 3 free vsco filters waiting to be downloaded so hurry because they are going to be free for a limited time only!

Aside from those 3 presets, all are paid. But it's not really expensive. I think prices are ranging from 99 cents to 1.99 dollars. Not bad for a quality photo for all your social networking sites!

Right now, my favorite filters are A5, A6, C1 and T1. Most used is going to be A5 because I love light colored photo on my feed.

If you like unlimited free vsco filters or presets, you can use Lightroom instead. It's like Photoshop but works better for photographers. I just downloaded mine and will self study during free time. 

How about you Dreamers, what are your favorite vsco cam filters? Do you use Lightroom?
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